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A little idealism is not strange to us, but it must remain inviting to our guests!

With every choice we make, we always consider: how can we spoil our guests as well as possible? And how do we take care of nature as well as possible! We think we have found a nice balance.

The toilets are flushed with rainwater and a descaler has been installed (saves a lot of use of soap).


Your room is heated or cooled by the underfloor heating in the comfortable cast floors (so-called Roman concrete) that give off heat. The use of responsible materials and building materials that have been tested and certified means that you are staying in a healthy and pleasant indoor climate with really fresh air.

The beds, mattresses and bed linen are made from natural and organic raw materials. Our beds are very suitable for allergy sufferers. Our furniture is often second-hand and – refurbished – is given a second life.

Do you have an electric car? We have a charging station in our own yard. And the electricity also comes from our own solar panels.


mats made of recycled textile as insulation

harvest from our own garden


We have a large garden and many ecological products come from it. As much as possible, the food we have to buy is obtained from producers in the immediate vicinity. Breakfast is of course largely organic. Organic waste goes directly to the pigs, chickens or compost heap in the yard.


De Nieuwe Warande building has been sustainably renovated. The old barn has been stripped of its asbestos roof. The new roof is insulated with sheets containing flax with a high insulation value. The walls are sprayed with HTR ++ eco pearls and covered with wood fiber or recycled textile (Metisse) and (partially) finished with clay. Triple glass has been used for the windows.

Everything is painted with paint without toxic substances. PV cells are installed and heated with a heat exchanger that is connected to the underfloor heating. Sedum vegetation will soon be built on the flat roof.

The toilets are flushed with rainwater and a descaler has been installed (that saves a lot of soap). And of course we use LED lighting or energy-saving lamps.

The result is a zero energy level, CO2 neutral B&B with a particularly pleasant indoor climate.

Of course we thought it was great that the VARA made recordings for their program ‘Green Light’ with us. The broadcast about sustainable construction was broadcast on April 17, 2017 at NPO2.

We would like to mention the suppliers of the various sustainable (building) materials on this page, so that you can easily find out where these ecological building materials come from. If you would like information or advice about the use of ecological building materials in your home, we will be happy to help you. solarpanels

Groene Bouwmaterialen Heusden 

Van Bruchem Aalburg

Isovlas Oisterwijk

Bedaffair Amsterdam

Van Groenvoirt Groenprojecten

House of Happiness

Mud is 100% eco-friendly!
charging pair for electric car
greenhouse in the vegetable garden