There is plenty to do near our B&B. The B&B has an extensive collection with brochures of places of interest, cycling and walking maps available.

Also have a look at the promotional video for Midden-Brabant or for more information the folder Highlights in Brabant or Visit Brabant


Enjoyment De Efteling (amusementspark), Beekse Bergen (safaripark), Pukkemuk (playground), Zoo Oliemeulen, Poppodium013, Tilburg Fair, Doloris

Culture Museum De Pont (modern art), Textile museum Tilburg, Nature museum Brabant, LocHal Tilburg

Cycling and walking (nature reserves) Loonse en Drunense Dunes, Oisterwijkse forests en vens, Huis ter Heide, De Brand

Food and drink Trappistenmonastery -and brewery Koningshoeven, Schrobbelèr and of course cafes, restaurants and eateries in many places!




*National Park ‘ De Loonse en Drunense Duinen’ at 15 min distance. (foto: